Oriental swords

More generally called scimitar, the oriental saber has the specificity to see its blade widening towards its end. Moreover, the scimitar or the oriental saber has a curved blade. This saber is of Persian origin and will be mainly used during the Arab conquests.

This oriental saber with a curved blade quickly became popular to the detriment of the straight sword. Its use was easier when handling weapons on a horse. Indeed, the curvature has the advantage of giving it a more efficient cutting capacity. It is mainly for this mechanical advantage that the horse people preferred the oriental sword or scimitar to the traditional straight sword.

Thus, the scimitar or oriental saber will very quickly become the emblem of the oriental blade. The straight sword remains the specific blade of the Westerners.

The aspects of this oriental sword can vary but traditionally, the oriental sword has a sharp blade on a single edge. There may be a counter edge but only towards the tip of the blade. In addition, it was customary to secure the sword with a strap in order not to lose it. 

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