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Fixed knives

The right fixed blade for every purpose

Our Tellknives cutlery offers you the widest choice of fixed knives in Switzerland. We offer hunting knives, fishing knives, tactical and military knives as well as training knives (dummy weapons) which allow the practice of a martial art or a combat sport in complete safety. You will also find at Tellknives outdoor or survival knives that offer good versatility in the outdoor field.

We also offer large fixed blades such as swords, katanas, sabers as well as tomahawks, machetes and axes.

In our catalogue you will find the legendary Bowies knives, some daggers (legal in Switzerland), ultra-practical and very light neck knives, versatile camp knives and many other specific types of knives.

A lot of new brands to come

Our catalogue is always in progress, we add new brands every week. Also, you will regularly find new products in the fixed knives. There are many knife makers specialised in fixed knives (although they are often generalists), but we can mention a few brands such as Cold Steel, Condor, Buck, Bark River, Fallkniven, Ontario and of course ESEE, the American knife maker that needs no introduction!

We have recently started offering semi-custom fixed knives that you will find under the brands Bark River, Lon Humphrey and the very prestigious Randall Made Knives

Thanks to our "Collectors Corner", lovers of beautiful and rare blades will find what they are looking for! Visit all our vintage and collector knives for sale on our website. Many fixed knives are part of it and are intended in particular for collectors.

You will have understood that our wish at Tellknives is to offer you the largest choice of knives in Switzerland. The main categories are there to guide you and we remain at your disposal for any questions or specific requests

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