A karambit knife is curved and of Indonesian origin. It can be fixed or folding. It is specifically designed for self defense and it is possible to practice several defense techniques thanks to its ergonomics and its curved blade.

The shape of the karambit makes it a tactical and military knife par excellence. It is a combat knife. In its folding form, the karambit knife is also a practical and versatile pocket and EDC knife. 

The ergonomics of the karambit knife and its retention ring make it the ultimate defense knife. This makes it more difficult to disarm the person holding the karambit.

In Indonesia, Silat and Kali are popular martial arts that use the karambit.

Thus, most karambits are available in a training version (unsharpened). It should be added that even unsharpened, the karambit is a very effective defense object. Most of the techniques taught with an unsharpened karambit are sufficient for self-defense practice.

Due to its popularity, the karambit is offered today by many brands including Cold Steel, CRKT, Bastinelli, Tops, Hogue, SOG, Fox Knives and Böker.

Tellknives is pleased to present its karambit catalog.

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