In cutlery, when we talk about "Tantos" we mean Japanese blades related to the Katanas of the time. However, the traditional Japanese tanto is short and less curved than the Katana.

The current western version of the tanto, which has evolved and modernized, is a straight, slightly curved blade with a very sharp point. This form of knife (originally Japanese) has spread widely in the West until it has become an essential part of the models of the biggest names in modern cutlery, notably Spyderco, Benchmade and Cold Steel. You will find many models of Tantos knives from these brands.

The interest of this blade shape lies in the thickness of the tip. This is what gives it a very high resistance. Brands such as Extrema Ratio, for example, offer many models in Tanto for tactical and military equipment.

It should be added that cutlers also often use tanto blades for their aesthetics and combine them with sober and neat designs, such as the Italian Fox Knives and Benchmade.

Tellknives is pleased to present its catalog of Tanto knives.

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