List of products by brand Halfbreed Blades

Halfbreed Blades is an Australian cutlery company based in Melbourne. The knives developed and designed by Halfbreed Blades are adapted to very specific needs such as military, tactical and bushcraft knives.

Halfbreed Blades immediately stands out for the quality of the products it offers for demanding use. Indeed, the materials used by the brand allow the development of knives of a very high reliability. This is why the Halfbreed Blades brand of knives specializes in high-performance parts.

The goal of Halfbreed Blades is to design knives that will withstand extreme environments and stresses. The brand therefore designs its models with a single objective in mind: to offer a virtually indestructible product.

The steels used are carefully selected among the best and imported from Austria, Japan and the USA. They are machined according to rigorous processes in order to guarantee the properties of the blades. Particular attention is paid to coatings including Cerakote, Teflon and PVD

Halfbreed Blades is also a renowned Kydex sheath manufacturer.

The reliability of Halfbreed Blades knives is widely recognised and the brand is used by security, first aid and rescue services as well as military operators.
A range of knives has also been developed for outdoor enthusiasts, who are now more demanding in terms of the quality of the survival knife they need.

Adapting to the specific needs of its users is the credo of the Halfbreed Blades brand. The particularly extreme environment offered by certain Australian regions allows for very thorough testing and guarantees a product that is able to respond to the majority of constraints that may be encountered.

Tellknives cutlery in Switzerland is pleased to be able to offer Halfbreed Blades knives in its catalogue.