List of products by brand Buck

Buck Knives is a classic and traditional knife maker offering knives mainly focused on the outdoors: hunting knives, fishing knives and also pocket knives for all occasions. Buck has been able to modernize its emblematic models in order to offer revisited versions, perfectly successful.

The "Proudly made in USA" knife

Buck Knives is one of the pillars of the American cutlery industry; an iconic and essential brand and certainly the most famous brand in the world. More than half a million knives are produced each year and they have kept the classic pocket knife style alive.

The famous Buck 110

Some of their models (among the most sold in the world) have a real international notoriety such as the Buck 110, a beautiful traditional folding knife which would be a little the equivalent of our Swiss Army Knife, or the BUCK 124 "Frontiersman", a beautiful hunting knife of beautiful size and with a black leather sheath which smells good authenticity The American knife maker Buck Knives is also known for being the first to equip its knives with a backlock to lock the blade.

Buck: a very wide range of knives

The Buck Knives brand is present in all areas and offers a very wide choice of models and varieties. Buck offers hunting knives, survival knives, fishing knives, pocket knives and EDC knives for everyday use.

Quality of construction

Buck Knives takes great care with the materials used, especially the steel. The finish is always impeccable. The designs and mechanisms have been perfected and evolved over time without sacrificing quality.

"Proudly made in the USA", the brand also knows how to modernize its emblematic models in order to make them evolve and to propose revisited versions, perfectly successful.

If you haven't already inherited your grandfather's Buck 110, you're bound to find the Buck knife that fits your needs

Buck offers a lifetime warranty on the product, which shows that the brand knows it is offering quality!