List of products by brand ESEE

Founded in 1997, the ESEE brand develops and produces high quality, high performance knives and accessories at affordable prices, especially dedicated to military, police, special operations teams and enthusiasts of bushcraft and other outdoor activities.

ESEE: an iconic outdoor brand

ESEE is definitely one of the specialist brands in survival and bushcraft knives

Starting in 1997, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin began offering to bring their knowledge in the field of survival. They offer to the general public, knives and equipment perfectly designed for outdoor activities under the brand Randall's Adventure & Training

Field-proven survival knives

As professionals in the field, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin work with the Peruvian Air Force's Escuela De Supervivencia En La Selva (Jungle Survival School), also known as ESSEL. From this activity came many initiations to the art of survival in the vast Peruvian Amazon jungle.

After a number of years in South America, Randall's Adventure & Training moved its headquarters to the USA and launched a sister company to produce high quality knives and equipment designed for the field. The ESEE Knives brand was born.

Today, the ESEE brand is known and distributed worldwide. They develop knives for a wide range of customers: knives designed for special operations, rescue and safety knives, hunting knives, tactical and military knives, camp knives, survival knives, etc... The ESEE brand also offers courses and all their equipment is presented on the Travel Channel. ESEE is also very present in specialized publications on the theme of survival.

The ESEE brand proposes in addition to its quality products to maintain affordable prices and to always produce knives and equipment that have been tested in the field.

Tellknives Cutlery in Switzerland is pleased to offer ESEE knives and products in its catalogue.