List of products by brand Benchmade

Benchmade is a prestigious American brand whose knives quality is clearly above the fray and is no longer to be demonstrated. At first specialized in butterfly knives, the cutlery manufacturer becomes generalist but keeps the butterfly as emblem and logo thus recalling its first Balisongs

Benchmade now meets the demand on all fronts: outdoor knives, survival and bushcraft knives, hunting knives, tactical and military knives and EDC knives (recreational and everyday pocket knives).

Benchmade, a guarantee of quality

The quality of Benchmade knives is very closely linked to the quality of the materials used to make them. Moreover, Benchmade has set its own quality control criteria (certainly among the highest in current cutlery production) and every knife that leaves their workshops is sure to satisfy the final customer.

Innovation and reliability are an integral part of the Benchmade brand. In fact, many of the blade locking mechanisms on their knives have been patented by the brand The icing on the cake, their ambidextrous blade locking system "AXIS lock" is not only reliable and efficient, but also really fun to use... or how to join the useful to the pleasant on all your folding knives!

At Tellknives Cutlery we are big fans of Benchmade and once you lay your hands on one of their knives, you probably will be too!

Well done Benchmade.

Tellknives Cutlery in Switzerland is pleased to offer Benchmade knives and products in its catalogue.