List of products by brand Flytanium

The Flytanium company offers quality products to customize your favorite knife! So grab your Torxes, you'll just love changing the look of your Spyderco Para or your Bugout in a jiffy!

Using only the best materials and the most advanced machining processes, Flytanium has undertaken to design and manufacture the best products to customize your knives.

For Flytanium, the declination of all the emblematic models of the big brands is possible. You will have only to change the look of your favorite knife by changing the plates. For those who care about details, the Flytanium range also offers backspacers, thumbstuds (for the Bugout), spacers, etc...

The Flytanium brand has surrounded itself with the best designers to enrich their catalogue with original variations. Flytanium products are really of high quality, both in terms of design and materials.

The Tellknives cutlery in Switzerland is happy to propose the knives and products Flytanium in its catalogue.