List of products by brand Casström

Casström is a beautiful brand that has developed rapidly. Established in Swedish Lapland, the brand offers products designed in the pure Scandinavian tradition. Lovers of the outdoors and wide open spaces, you have been warned!

Casström, the outdoor and survival specialist

Casström manufactures knives and accessories dedicated to outdoor activities. You will find at Casström survival knives, bushcraft knives and hunting knives. All of them are made in the Scandinavian tradition and know-how.

The line of products is very sober, uncluttered and fits perfectly with what we can expect from knives of the Nordic type. At Casström, particular attention is paid to the choice of materials. Quality and noble materials are a priority for the brand, both for knives and accessories.
The aim is also to make beautiful objects while maintaining maximum practicality and simplicity of use. Hence the sobriety, dear to the Casström brand.

Accessories for your knives

Casström quickly distinguishes itself from other knife makers because the brand offers very beautiful accessories for its emblematic knife models. The loop danglers are a good example. This beautiful leather accessory is designed to make your belt sheath much more practical. You can unhook it at any time and then reposition it with confidence that it is perfectly secure. Fits the vast majority of belts and cases

The Scandinavian tradition has a special place for the axe, which is a commonly used tool for bushcraft, camping and hunting. With this in mind, Casström offers accessories for axes that will enhance and protect this beautiful object.

You will quickly notice that Casström is concerned with beautiful design and practicality

Products born of experience in the field

Thanks to extensive field experience and close dialogue with knife users, Casström began to develop its own knives. This company is concerned with offering innovative products while respecting traditional know-how.

The Casström brand offers a wide range of fixed blade knives, folding knives, gloves, hand-forged axes, reindeer leather products and other accessories for hunting and outdoor activities.

Tellknives cutlery in Switzerland is pleased to offer Casström knives and products in its catalogue.