List of products by brand CAS Hanwei

CAS Hanwei Forges produces swords, katanas, wakizashis, tantos and sabers in the traditional way. Each piece is still forged, assembled and finished by hand.

Paul Chen Hanwei Forge produces swords, wakizashis, katanas and tantos for Japanese blade collectors and enthusiasts, as well as for practitioners. CAS Hanwei also produces high quality reproduction accessories such as masks and displays, which are essential to showcase the katana, wakizashi and tanto trio. 

Each sword, katana, saber, wakizashi or tanto is handcrafted in the Hanwei forge. CAS Hanwei blades are of excellent quality in terms of finish, performance and design.

Manufacture of CAS Hanwei blades

With few exceptions, all CAS Hanwei blades are hand forged. Swords, katanas, wakizashi swords and tanto are made of high carbon steel.

The work is done in the traditional way. The forges still run on coal and allow the blades to reach the right temperature and then be shaped by the blacksmiths. 

The forged blades are then ground, by hand, to achieve and maintain the final design. At this stage, special attention is paid to each sword to ensure that it respects the original shape in every respect and that the balance is adjusted. Once completed, the sword will undergo heat treatment (furnaces and salt baths).

All CAS Hanwei blades are then either polished on the grinding machine or hand polished in the case of high-end swords, katanas and wakizashis. Once finished, the blades are ready to be precisely fitted to the handle parts.

CAS Hanwei traditional blade manufacturer

CAS Hanwei is one of the few manufacturers of katanas, swords, wakizashis and swords to produce all handle and scabbard components. This is a great advantage for the brand as it ensures that each assembled part perfectly matches the model it was created for. This is one of the reasons why CAS Hanwei distinguishes itself from other katana forges as it has a degree of finishing that is unmatched.

CAS Hanwei also uses precision molds for its swords, sabers, katanas, wakizashis and tantos to make positive wax copies of the originals. These precision molds are then coated with a special sand mixture to extract the positives. It is these traditional techniques that allow the CAS Hanwei brand of katanas and swords to produce such faithful replicas of the originals.

At Tellknives Cutlery, we are pleased to be able to distribute CAS Hanwei katanas, swords, sabers, wakizashis and tantos.