List of products by brand Condor

If you want a nice camp knife, an efficient machete and a bowie worthy of the name for the outdoors, bushcraft or survival, look no further than Condor for your equipment! Condor offers with almost all its models a nice leather belt holster. All for a very reasonable price.

Founded in 1964 in Solingen, Germany, Condor Tool and Knife (CTK) specializes primarily in military knives and blades for survival and outdoor use. The quality of the swords, military knives, machetes and various agricultural tools that they produced made the brand famous.

Condor machetes and knives designed for the field

Over the generations, the world's largest manufacturer of swords and knives found it necessary to expand its operations to other countries to better serve its customers. In 1964, the company established a new factory in Santa Ana, El Salvador, filling it with state-of-the-art German equipment and offering various collaborations between El Salvador and Germany.

Today, the factory produces machetes, knives, axes, shovels and other hand tools of the highest quality, always designed to meet the most demanding terrain.

Condor quickly understood the added value of locating in El Salvador, Central America, to benefit from the most demanding real-world conditions. The testing of its blades in real conditions is an advantage. The efficiency of the knives and machetes offered is no longer in question.

Condor knives: excellent value for money

Great attention is also paid to the choice of materials and quality control, always carried out in Solingen, Germany. Finally, production in South America allows the Condor brand to offer quality knives at very attractive prices. The quality of the steel used for the knives and the very good leather sheaths for all models are particularly noteworthy.

Tellknives cutlery in Switzerland is happy to offer Condor knives and machetes in its catalogue.