List of products by brand Helle

Helle, a family-owned company offering timeless knives for the outdoors.

Helle, knife maker since 1932

Helle's success is undoubtedly due to the brand's attachment to the main principles, including a constantly renewed search for quality.

Helle is very attached to its history, which is why you will find in these models the mark of the past.

In fact, Helle modernizes traditional designs and brings them up to date. Blades that have proven their worth in the past are processed with stronger or more advanced materials. The aim is to adapt traditional designs and methods to new realities.

Location, roots and wings

Right from the start, Helle has designed its knives in relation to its environment: Norway. The connection between the place and the knives produced is present from the beginning. The fjords, mountains and rugged climate are not an obstacle, but rather a source of inspiration. The isolation of the small community of Holmedal is not a limitation either, but rather a strength and identity. Every time Helle sends a knife around the world, she passes on a part of her heritage with it.

The proximity of the communication routes has contributed to the brand's reputation and Helle has quickly established itself on the international cutlery scene.

Helle is a third generation family business in a small rural community on the west coast of Norway. The family tradition is not only in the management of the company but also in the workforce. There are also employees from the second and third generation. This means that Helle knives benefit from know-how that is passed on

The production of Helle knives

The company's philosophy is reflected in the production process. From the small, timeless factory in Holmedal, Helle manages every step of the supply chain from knife to sheath, from raw materials to marketing and shipping. The factory consists of several generations of machinery that the company treats with care and respect. They tinker, modify, adapt but rarely replace their machines

Hands still play a major role in production! No two Helle knives are the same, as each one receives individual treatment by an employee. By finishing each blade individually, Helle is sure to bring out the best of the place, the past, the people and the production facilities.

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