Cold Steel - The Fighting Machete DVD Set

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Features Lynn Thompson's (President and Founder of Cold Steel Knives) discussion of several topics: Advantages and disadvantages of the machete as a weapon; How to choose a machete, sharpen and customize; How to grip, carry and conceal a machete; Several guard positions and common flaws to avoid; Footwork - Over 26 techniques; Seven methods of using the point of a machete - including reverse grip methods; 13 Methods of using the razor edge of a machete; Striking, breaking and hammering; Using the flat of the blade and the back of a machete; Defensive tactics using footwork and evasion patterns; 13 Ways to use a machete to block or parry incoming attacks; Defeating disarming attempts; Defeating the charge during takedown attempts; Fighting the standing grapple (Clinch); How to create and identify an opening in an opponent's defense; and much more. Set of 3 discs.

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