List of products by brand SOG

More than a brand, SOG is a legend in the field of cutlery. It bases its reputation on the production of field knives, focusing on military and tactical blades

The SOG Bowie knife

The story begins in Vietnam, where members of an American special operations unit - known as MACV-SOG - used a unique combat knife during covert jungle missions. Years later, in 1986, this military knife inspired a young designer named Spencer Frazer to found SOG Specialty Knives.

His mission: to replicate the original SOG Bowie knife and pay tribute to the special operations unit that created it. What began as a single commemorative model quickly became a full line of innovative tools - field-proven by U.S. Special Forces, and even honored as the Navy SEAL's signature knife

The SOG knife: functional above all

It should be noted that SOG knives are all highly functional, which is the first feature of these blades. Designed for specific military or tactical conditions in the first place, the functionality of these blades allows you to use them also in all your outdoor activities or as a hunting knife for example. These SOG knives are particularly resistant and therefore suitable for use in difficult conditions

SOG: a very wide range of knives

SOG Specialty Knives offers a wide catalog in all areas of knife use but especially in the field of tactical equipment, military knives, hunting knives, survival knives and EDC knives.

SOG Specialty Knives is an excellent generalist knife brand with a solid and deserved reputation!

Tellknives cutlery in Switzerland is very happy to distribute SOG knives and products in its catalogue